The AnglerLite has been pressure tested to 1200 FSW and been used in the field by professional saturation divers at over 770 FSW

Industry Standard

Industry standard bolts, O-rings, and batteries for easy repair in the field.

LED Bulb

We use the brightest, most energy efficient, bulbs available to us to ensure the best visibility when you needing it most.

3 Piece Body

We have designed the AnglerLite to be field repairable even while under extreme pressure, including battery and bulb replacements, thanks to a built in pressure release mechanism.

Interested in More Details? Find Out Why no Diver Should Dive Without One Pressure tested to 365 meters (1200 FSW). Tested under working conditions to 235 meters (772 FSW). Pat. Pending.


Each and every part is inspected to meet precision quality standards. Every part is CNC machined to precise measurements. We do not use injection molding or cut corners on quality. Rest assured that your AnglerLite will be the envy of your fellow divers.



The AnglerLite is custom made from ultra strong Brass or 6061-T6 aluminum billets. The unit comes in 3 major threaded sections: the battery housing, the end cap and the bulb housing. The Aluminum is hard anodized and each unit is hand assembled.



The hard anodizing of your Aluminum AnglerLite will be scratch resistant as well as non-conductive. Both the rugged 6061-T6 Aluminum or Brass will stand up to the most extreme pressures. The Brass AnglerLite will provide more longevity in salt water than its Aluminum brother.

Commercial-grade Sat-Lite made in the USA from either 6061-T6 Hard Anodized Aluminum or Brass. 109 Lumens LED. 32hrs on 3 standard C size batteries. It has been tested to over 350 Meters. Batteries can be safely changed, even under extreme pressure.

  • Active Depth 304m (1000 ft.)
  • Construction 6061-T6 Aluminum or Brass
  • Lumens 109 Lumens
  • Weight 17.12oz/42.3oz (Aluminum/Brass)
  • Battery Alkaline - 3x C - 32hrs